Fishing Report.

When the fishing is good, it’s very good

Unfortunately, like so many other water ways, rivers, lakes, etc. In Australia, Lake Bolac suffers a recurring problem with BLUE GREEN ALGAE (BGA). What can be done about it. LOTS, actually. But it takes political will by the powers that be. There are two ways to improve the Australian inland lakes and rivers and make them healthy for all living creatures, inc. fish, shell-fish, water-birds and humans. Both systems can and should be used in tandem. 1.  2. Both systems are complementary to each other, it only takes the will by the Victorian Government to do the “right thing”. Not only do those floating islands clean the water, they also attract wild-life that shelter and breed in those islands. Please, Premier Daniel Andrews, tell the Dep. Of sParksVictoria to pull their cellective fingers from their collective elemental orifice and start earning their saleries.                                                                      Email from s-ParkVictoria Hello everyone, Two water samples were taken from Lake Bolac on Tuesday 23rd April, 2019, for Blue Green Algae testing. Results in from the laboratory show that the total combined biovolumes of all cyanobacterial and toxic cyanobacteria species (listed separately) were: Sample 1: taken from the East Beach boat ramp gave a reading of 30.26 mm3 / L, with a total toxic count = 3.28 mm3/L Sample 2: taken from West side boat ramp / shed gave a reading of 27.75 mm3 / L, with a total of toxics = 3.35 mm3/L The total combined cyanobacterial counts for the Lake are still well above the ≥ 10 mm3/L safety trigger point for recreational waters. The total toxic counts for the lake are slightly below the safety trigger of ≥ 4 mm3/L for recreational waters. These current combined algal levels are sufficient to impair water quality, and will pose health concerns to humans and animals coming in direct contact with the water. Consequently, the public warning signage will remain in place until we achieve two consecutive readings below the safety limits. If I have missed anyone on the mailing please feel free to forward this on. Regards, redacted     

Unfortunately, the lake is “stuffed”. Water level is too low for any boating and the

water itself is contaminated with Blue Green Algae, a recurring problem.

Fishing Report.

The fisheries department has stocked Lake Bolac with thousands of rainbow trout and they are pan size now.  We have had some reports of good catches, but not on a consistent basis. We will up-date the fishing report on a regular basis, once conditions  improve. So, keep a watch on this web site or miss out.
Ok, here it is: Trout are being caught again as are Red-fin and Eels. I will update this page whenever good catches are reported. Keep in touch with this web site.
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